Parking Rules
  • Vehicle washing, polishing, repairs, and / or maintenance is not allowed on property grounds. There is no washing station.

  • No rear-end parking allowed on limited common element driveways or parking spaces.  All vehicles must properly display a parking sticker on the FRONT windsheild or they are subject to immobilization and towing.

  • New Year’s and Super Bowl days are “relaxed parking.” Rules apply.

Parking Criteria
  • You must be a registered resident of CitySide.

  • You must go in person to The Management Office with your vehicle, valid driver's license, and current vehicle registration to receive a gate entry clicker. Tenants must also bring a copy of their current lease.  A management employee must place the sticker on your vehicle's windshield.

  • If you are a tenant, the owner of your residence must be current on their quarterly maintenance dues in order to receive a parking sticker.  Tenants of delinquent units will no longer be able to park on CitySide property including the unit's limited common element driveway. The owner of any delinquent unit does have the option of entering into a repayment plan, which would allow their tenants to get a monthly parking permit while they are in the process of repayment. 

  • Visitors will receive a visitor's pass: All visitors, including contractors, vendors, and movers, must be called in through CitySide's automated phone system at (561) 683-0118. Residents are prompted to add a guest for today, tomorrow, or today and tomorrow (for overnight guests).

  • Upon entry, all short-term visitor vehicles (including service vehicles and permanent guests) will receive a written pass which will be hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle.   The pass will expire at 4:00 a.m. the next day.  Ex. if you call in a visitor any time on Monday, the pass will expire at 4:00 a.m. Tuesday. Short-term passes are available 7 days a week.  Please make sure your guests are aware of ALL parking rules before they enter the community. 

  • Overnight passes can be requested when calling in a guest (including permanent guests). They will expire 2 days from the date assigned at 4:00 a.m. Ex. if you call in an overnight guest anytime on Monday, the pass will expire at 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

  • Residents are limited to 2 overnight passes per unit,  per week. Residents are responsible for keeping track of overnight guest calls. Vehicles parked at CitySide displaying overnight visitor pass more than twice a week are subject to immobilization and/or tow. Visitor passes must remain on the vehicle's rear view mirror at all times while on CitySide property and all vehicles must be parked in marked parking spaces. No visitor parking is allowed at any time on short limited common element driveways or streets; only in marked street spaces.  Visitors may always park in owners’ garages and limited common element driveways where all four wheels are on the driveway and do not hang over onto the street. 

  • Long-term visitor vehicle passes are available by emailing a request to pm@citysideonline.com for all guests, including permanant guests, that will be visiting for more than one night.  This request is processed by The Management Office.  The long term pass also needs to hang from the vehicle's rear view mirror and must be visible through the windshield.  It will expire on the written date at 4:00 a.m.  

  • Residents are not allowed to be given visitor passes.


If your vehicle is immobilized or towed from the property please contact:
South Florida Booting Inc. 877-990-0004 or Sheehan's Towing 561-659-0758

  • All disputes for booting need to be requested to the Board of Directors within 48 hours of receiving the boot. Management Staff is not authorized to approve refunds without Board Approval. Please send all booting disputes via email to: pm@citysideonline.com  or in writing addressed to Board of Directors, CitySide Condo Assoc., Inc., 1771 Cityside Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Disputes via voice mail or in person cannot be accepted.  

  • Please include the name of the person who's car received the boot, resident's name and unit address, proof of payment to South Florida Booting, notice from your car, any pictures and a copy of the parking pass. Letter of dispute should also include reasoning for why you are disputing the boot.

Assignment Schedule

The number of allowed vehicles and/or parking permits equals the number of bedrooms each unit has. 

  • Brentwood Collection (Lake Front units on Marina Del Ray & Pacific Grove only):   All units, 1 or 2 per unit (dependent on garage and driveway).  Santa Barbara model, 1 street permit.

  • Sierra Collection (2 Story Buildings not on lake):    Millbrae & Claremont models (3 bedrooms), 1 street permit.

  • Catalina Collection (3 Story buildings):  Monterrey model (4 bedroom), up to 2 street permits.  Carmel model (2 bedroom), 1 street permit. 


Note: Dens are not considered bedrooms

Assignment disputes may be emailed to The Property Manager for Board of Directors’ review.  Please include your unit number, year, make, model of your vehicle(s), and the reason you are requesting additional stickers.  After submission of email, please allow 7-10 days for a decision from The Board of Directors.