May 2016

We are glad everyone has survived the construction and painting that has been going on at Cityside for the past 7 months. Also everyone has survived the gate access and on street parking pass changeover also. The Board and Staff is trying to fix years of neglect to the community so I would like to bring everyone up on the latest here at Cityside.

Rules and Regulations are being strictly enforced. On street parking is reserved for the units that are entitled to them and there are no “extra” spots. The Documents of the Association  do not allow more than 1 person per bedroom unless they are all family members. The Documents count parking spaces in the garages and driveways so packing your garage with things other than cars will not help you get a street pass. The law that governs Condominium Associations in Florida has changed and the Board has been given the rights back to fine residents who do not follow the rules. Owners please note if your tenants are fined we will do everything we can by law to collect the fine but ultimately the owner is responsible for their tenants.

More construction is ahead but only for a few weeks. We are cutting out sidewalks that have become trip hazards from tree roots lifting up the concrete. There are a few driveways that this applies to also. Over the next 2 weeks we will be removing these areas and pouring new concrete. The Board is in the process of getting bids to replace the fingerprint access system with an up to date version that will work much better than the current system. We are also looking to reopen the Target and Executive Drive gates after the new system is in. Landscaping is being identified around each building now so the dead or missing plants can be replaced. A new landscape company will start on June 10 as well as a new fertilization and pest control company.

Most of you might have noticed the new hole in the fence that an errant driver made on Congress Ave. just north of Executive Dr. We are awaiting insurance ok to repair and replace the damaged fence. If you or your tenants have not obtained a bar code for entry please do so soon as $100 fines will be levied against anyone “tailgating” through the gates. The High Definition cameras give us a good look at the tags on the vehicles going through the gates.

Summer will be here shortly and everyone needs to understand that the pool closes at dark, NO GLASS of any kind can be brought into the pool area. We have had a small rash of break ins to vehicles and garages. They still call it a break in if you leave your car unlocked and your garage door up. While we hope security here is getting better kids have nothing to do at night in the summer so unlocked cars and open garages are an easy target. PLEASE lock your cars, DO NOT keep anything in your car that you want to keep and SHUT your garage door after entering or exiting your garage.

Have a safe summer

The Board and Staff at Cityside.