January 2016

I would like to introduce myself, Bill Gotthelf, my Administrative Assistant, Guadelupe Mondragon and Maintenance Man, Jason Feliciano. There has been quite an effort made to return the offices to a normal, well run machine so we ask that you bear with us as the conversion continues. I was brought in primarily because of the problems with the exterior of the buildings. I have been a General Contractor and Engineer here in Palm Beach County since 1977. I have been a Licensed Community Association Manager since 2010. I have built thousands of single family, multi family and commercial projects since 1977.


Some of you may have noticed the work going on in the community since October of 2015. Please bear with the construction workers and changes going on for the next few months. We have given a lot of thought to how we can get all this work done with the least impact on the residents here. After observing and testing of the stucco on the buildings at Cityside, the Board accepted my findings and repairs were started. That work differs in every building but some of it includes replacing all exterior 2nd floor and above windowsills, patching cracks with elastomeric sealant, removing areas of stucco and replacing, adding vents under the soffits to allow moisture to escape and painting and sealing the buildings with a new high build paint system that completely seals the exterior of the building. The repairs should be complete by the end of April and the painting done by the end of May. When this work is complete we will assess the plants and shrubs to return these areas to what they originally were. This is a simplified version of what is going on so if you have any further questions please either email us at pm@citysideonline.com or call the office.


The Board is converting the sprinkler system to a system that will measure moisture in the soil and that will determine when the sprinklers go on. This should save approximately $40,000 a year in water charges. The Board has entered into a maintenance agreement with a gate company to maintain all the gates and doors at the recreation center. Hopefully by the end of January everything should be working again. A copy of the approved budget is with this newsletter and please look at, if nothing else, a few lines. You will notice that between water (both drinking and sprinkler), cable and insurance they total more than ½ of the budget. You can rest assured we are doing everything in our power to insure that we will get the most for every budget dollar we can. I will be posting newsletters monthly on www.citysideonline.com so look there for any future news.


We are having issues with people living at Cityside that were never approved by the Board. That means these people have never had their background checked and have moved in with pets that would not be allowed if they had been screened. To try and combat this the Board is getting bids to replace the gate key fob system with a bar code scanner access system. The bar code labels, which go out on the passenger window side of the car, cannot be transferred from car to car so if vehicles change the person must get a new decal bar code for the car. This will stop people from passing on gate access. In the short term any key fob that cannot be associated with an active resident or owner will be turned off. The next area the office will be working on is the 4 digit security numbers. There are thousands active. We will be deactivating numbers that cannot be associated with active owners and residents. Active owners would be owners that live here or need to get access to the community to check on there town home(s). Active residents (not owners) would need to have a current lease on file. Month to month leases are not approved here at Cityside.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. Thank you for reading this.



The Board and Staff at Cityside.