New Residents

  • Applications are received via this website only. A non-refundable fee of $100.00 U.S. per applicant is required. We can only accept checks or money orders made payable to CitySide Condos and brought or mailed to the office. Husband and wife or parent / dependent (child under 18 years of age) are considered one applicant.  

  • If you are an existing approved resident and are transferring to another unit, there is a non-refundable $100 U.S. total transfer fee. You must come in person to the management office and pay with a personal check, online, or certified check.  Transfer payments cannot be made in cash.

  • New tenants/buyers must come to the office for orientation prior to the move in date. During orientation new residents will be provided with a overview of the Rules and Regulations, parking restrictions, and general information about the unit and the community. Please send an email to to schedule your appointment.

  • Gate clickers, pool / mailbox keys, garage controls, condo documents, door locks are the responsibility of each unit owner. If you are purchasing a unit, please be sure these items are either included in the estoppel certificate and/or delivered to you by the current owner before closing. Otherwise, you will have to purchase them.

  • After closing, all new owners must provide a copy of The Closing Statement or Warranty Deed to CitySide Management  in order to transfer ownership from the previous owner with The Association.  Estoppel items, if applicable, will only be released upon ownership transfer and receipt of closing check (s).

  • All leases must be no less than twelve (12)  months. All approvals must be renewed after twelve (12)  months. All services are set to deactivate when your lease ends.


Complete your application online.


Find your address below, then click on the link (North Mailbox, Pool Mailbox, etc) to find the location of you specific box.


  • North Mailbox

    • 1710, 1750, 1770 Mission Court

    • 809, 810, 840, 855, 870, 881, 899, 950, 980, 991 Marina Del Ray

    • 850, 880, 883, 930, 939, 960, 975, 990 Millbrae Court

  • Pool Mailbox

    • 779, 780 Marina Del Ray

    • 750, 767, 770, 833, 820 Millbrae Court

    • 590, 609, 630, 660, 645, 690, Amador

    • 601, 650, 669, 685, 690, 699 Pacific Grove

    • 661, 699 Corte Madera

  • South Mailbox

    • 410, 430, 441, 433, 450, 480, 540, 590 Amador

    • 500, 555, 580, Pacific Grove

    • 447, 499, 510, 595, Corte Madera

    • 1710, 1717, 1727, 1740, 1730 Borrego Way

Facility Access

A state-of –the-art biometric security system provided by EZ-ID, LLC controls access to CitySide's common areas (pool area and gym/locker room). The security system  grants access only to individuals whose fingerprints have been registered with management.  

There are four security entry points: one terminal at each of the side gates of the pool area, one at the center gate leading to the pool courtyard, and one at the main entrance of building housing the gym, locker room, and management office.  The gate leading to the pool will still require a pool key for entry.  The same key can be used to enter the restrooms from the pool-side doors.  

All registered residents must visit the management office to record their fingerprints if they would like access to common areas/bulidings.  

Guests & Tenants

Per CitySide's By-Laws and Rules and Regulations, guest(s) must be accompanied by the hosting resident in the community clubhouse, fitness rooms, pool, and movie theater at all times.  Therefore, guests fingerprints will not be added to the database for any reason.  

Approved tenants must have a copy of their current lease on file with The Association and will only be allowed access to common areas/buildings if the unit in which they reside is current in payment of quarterly maintenance fees due to The Association.  To avoid delays, if you have not already providedd a copy of your lease, or have signed an extension, please bring a copy with you when you go to register your fingerprints.  

At the end of your lease, access to the common areas will automatically deactivate.  If and when you renew your lease, you must also renew with CitySide Management.  There is no renewal fee.  


Guests, long term or short term, will NOT be added to the biometric system. Only residents.

Delinquent Units

If you are a tenant residing in a unit in which the owner is delinquent in payment of quarterly maintenance fees, you must contact the owner or the owner’s property management company and inform them that you WILL NOT have access to common areas/buildings until the balance is paid in full or the condo owner has enrolled in a repayment plan.

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