As a resident of CitySide we need your help to make the transition to fiber optics a smooth and pleasant one!

With that in mind, you will be need to allow access to your unit(s) twice:

- The first time will be to run the fiber for the entire building. This will happen in late January through late February.

- The second time will be to connect your unit to the Internet, set up TVs, and WiFi. This will happen late February through mid March.

The first access will only have 48hrs notice. OpticalTel ONLY needs access to the attic (not your unit). This is because all owners of the building must be coordinated. The second access will be on your schedule. The purpose of this form is to make certain we have your most up to date information to accomplish the installation of the new fiber.

By not allowing access to the unit, you are preventing other units from being able to take advantage of this amenity.

Contact Information


If you are filling this form out, but want us to contact another individual for access to the unit, then please check this box and fill out the information below it.


Unit Information


If you have more than one unit, fill out all the addresses you are responding for. If you have more than 5 units, please submit multiple times.


Entry Information


You do not need to provide a key if you are home to give access to your attic.


CitySide is providing the opportunity to allow us to manage your keys. If you chose to do so, please mail the keys to the office and DO NOT put your address on the envelope. Instead, use a secret key so we can identify whose it is.

Drop off or mail to: 1771 Cityside Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

If you have multiple addresses, please put the unit number ONLY on each key.

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Your information has been recorded. Thank you.