CitySide Security is here to assist you.  When reporting, request that an incident report is written and forwarded to the property manager.  Please jot down the date/time and the name of the Security Officer you assisted  you.  If you request that security calls City of WPB Police on your behalf, please request the case number from CitySide Security or the Police Officer.  Forward all the information collected to the association manager.

CitySide Security may be reached at 561-697-8997, options 1 then 2.

We understand collecting evidence can create a burden. However, without it, your association will not be able to act.   Complaints and evidence can be submitted via email to or mailed to 1771 CitySide Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

For noise disturbances, you can contact the City of West Palm Beach Police at: 561-822-1600

City Of West Palm Beach Ordinance No. 4136-08, § 1, 4-21-2008 protects, preserves and promotes the health, safety and quiet of the inhabitants of the City of West Palm Beach through the control and prevention of loud raucous noise, or any noise or activity which unreasonably disturbs, injures, or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, or safety of the city's inhabitants and visitors.

 Fines and penalties for violation; appeals; alternate means of enforcement.

Sec. 34-42. 

(a)   The following civil fines shall be imposed for violations of this chapter:

(1)   First offense, $250.00 fine.

(2)   Second offense (within one year of the first offense) and each offense thereafter, $1,000.00 fine.


(b)   A violator who has been served with a notice of violation shall elect either to:

(1)   Pay the civil fine in the manner indicated on the notice; or

(2)   Request an administrative hearing before a special master to appeal the decision of the code inspector that has resulted in the issuance of the notice of violation.


Contact the Board of Directors

Association policing and resident services are provided by the association manager.  If you have a complaint or comments regarding CitySide’s service providers, please email  If you have a comment regarding the association’s manager service only, please email