Florida Condominium Laws requires that prior to levying of a fine, the unit owner must be given notice of the alleged violation and an opportunity to cure it. Then, if not cured, a hearing before disinterested parties, none of whom are members of the board or officers of the association or their relatives, can be requested.


Pursuant Section 10.1 of CitySide's by-laws, every owner and his/its tenants, guests and invitees shall comply with any and all rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association as contemplated herein as well as the terms and provisions of the Declaration, as they may be amended from time to time.


All violations may be paid with a personal or certified check payable to CitySide Condominium.   CitySide does not accept cash.


In order to proper document your response, verbal communication is not accepted or considered. CitySide Board of Directors and Violation Committee has requested that all communication regarding a citation be written.


If you received a Notice of Violation/Hearing to correct a violation and you are unable to attend the hearing in person, please contact the Property Manager IN WRITTEN ONLY to the Violation Committee 1771 Cityside DriveWest Palm Beach, FL 33401 or fax number above.



Should you choose not to attend the mandatory hearing or provide in written documentation in advance of hearing, you could be fined for outstanding violation. 


When you attend the hearing you will have the opportunity to present pertinent facts, supporting documentation, and your general response as to why the violation has not been properly corrected. However, correction of the violation does not excuse your presence at hearing.


CitySide is a relaxed living environment.  Awareness is our goal; we want all residents to enjoy the lifestyle by being aware of the rules.  The management company cannot levy fines upon the homeowners.  The Violations Committee may.