Frequently asked questions


What happens if I miss my date?

You are blocking your entire building. At this time, we will be hiring a locksmith to enter your unit.

Wait, I don't have an installation date yet, why is that?

Please see the current schedule. If you are not on that schedule, we will be adding buildings very soon. The reason we have held back buildings is to see if we can increase the installation velocity. You will receive a letter at least one week in advance and we are calling residents ahead of time 48 hrs as well.

What is the current schedule?

3/8/2021 1710 Mission Ct 3/8/2021 991 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/9/2021 975 Millbrae Ct 3/9/2021 980 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/10/2021 939 Millbrae Ct 3/10/2021 950 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/11/2021 1750 Mission Ct 3/11/2021 963 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/12/2021 881 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/12/2021 899 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/15/2021 809 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/15/2021 855 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/16/2021 685 Pacific Grove Dr 3/16/2021 779 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/17/2021 780 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/17/2021 810 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/18/2021 840 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/18/2021 870 Marina Del Ray Ln 3/19/2021 555 Pacific Grove Dr 3/19/2021 601 Pacific Grove Dr 3/19/2021 669 Pacific Grove Dr 3/22/2021 990 Millbrae Ct

3/22/2021 960 Millbrae Ct

3/23/2021 650 Pacific Grove Dr

3/23/2021 580 Pacific Grove Dr

3/24/2021 500 Pacific Grove Dr

3/24/2021 833 Millbrae Ct

3/25/2021 845 Millbrae Ct

3/25/2021 850 Millbrae Ct

3/26/2021 820 Millbrae Ct

3/26/2021 767 Millbrae Court

3/29/21 770 Millbrae Ct

3/29/21 750 Millbrae Ct

3/30/21 669 Pacific Grove Dr

3/30/21 690 Amador Ln

3/31/21 660 Amador Ln

3/31/21 630 Amador Ln

4/1/21 699 Corte Madera Ln

4/1/21 661 Corte Madera Ln

4/2/21 645 Amador Ln

4/2/21 609 Amador Ln

4/5/21 590 Amador Ln
4/5/21 540 Amador Ln
4/6/21 1730 Borrego Way
4/6/21 1717 Borrego Way
4/7/21 1740 San Benito Way
4/7/21 410 Amador Ln
4/8/21 430 Amador Ln
4/8/21 433 Amador Ln
4/9/21 441 Amador Ln
4/9/21 447 Corte Madera Ln
4/12/21 450 Amador Ln
4/12/21 477 Pacific Grove Dr
4/13/21 499 Corte Madera Ln
4/13/21 510 Pacific Grove Dr
4/14/21 595 Corte Madera Ln
4/14/21 690 Pacific Grove Dr
4/15/21 880 Millbrae Ct
4/15/21 883 Millbrae Ct
4/16/21 930 Millbrae Ct

What if I cannot be there at that time?

You can drop a key off at the management office. Otherwise, the management office will be providing lockboxes for any resident who needs one. This lockbox will be placed on the front of the door and will have a set code. Management staff will be assisting Opticaltel staff while the access is in progress and the work is being performed. There will not be any time during the work where the installers are working alone inside of a unit. Management will be there with Opticaltel the entire time. If you are a resident in need of a lockbox please contact the management office and one will be placed on your front door.

Old Cable

If I want, will I be able to keep Comcast?

Yes. However, it will be discontinued through the association. You will need to contact them directly to continue service (you will have received a letter from them). You are currently on a "bulk" account. If you have upgraded your service (or rent a cable modem from them), you will be on a "residential" account and very easy to continnue month-to-month. The recommendation by the board is to go to MONTH-TO-MONTH. If you later decide to go to OpticalTel, you will not have been locked in for a full year.

What happens if OpticalTel is not installed on time?

If there is a gap between the time OpticalTel is able to install in your building and when the bulk Comcast ends, you will not lose Internet. However it is YOUR responsibility: - If you already have upgraded services through Comcast, they will likely be contacting you to create a residential contract (note: not a BULK contract). - If you do not have upgraded services, you will likely be placed on their lowest plan unless you contact them directly.

Will I be reimbursed for the months if I have to pay for Comcast?

At this time, the Board has approved a $55 reimbursement units in buildings that will fail to be installed on time. The building list will be made available before the 15th of April.

Do I need to return my Comcast equipment prior to OpticalTel's installation?

No. You will be contacted directly by Comcast and they will provide a drop off location.

If I keep Comcast, what kind of contract should I have?

Comcast has all types of contracts. The board suggests that you use a month-to-month contract instead of the yearly until you've had the opportunity to make an informed decision.


How does the installation work?

There are two steps: 1. Install the common area fiber. 2. OpticalTel will activate the community and then contact each unit for connecting TV's, Internet, WiFi. As of March 10th, we are still in the first phase. There are two times when OpticalTel will need to be in your unit. First, they need to run fiber through the attic. Preventing them from doing this will prevent your entire building from not being activated. The second time is when they come to install WiFi, Internet, and TV. This is up to you on the scheduling of this service. We fully understand that if you continue to use Comcast, you may not ask for this.

My building has been installed, will I get Internet?

Yes. Those buildings who have cooperated so far will be acgtivated on time.

I received a letter stating that they are coming into my unit even if I don't let them in - is that right?

Yes. All delays to date have been due to residents not allowing us into the units. From our bylaws:

"The Association shall have the irrevocable right of access during reasonable hours when necessary for pest control purposes and for the maintenance and or replacement of any Common Elements..."


What does the channel lineup look like?

Basic cable with 250 hrs of DVR cloud storage (see attached service guide for upgrades) 2 HD boxes + free for Smart TVs Please see the OpticalTel Services guide under the "Additional Documents" of the "Resident's" section.

What Internet are we getting?

500 Mbps up/down for Internet $40 upcharge to 750Mbs $75 upcharge to 1Gb Additional 50Mbs per year

Is WiFi included?

Yes, you are getting an upgraded mesh WiFi system.

I called OpticalTel, they know nothing about us - what's going on?

OpticalTel support services will only know about Cityside once our circuit is active (late March). You will not be able to call until that time.