Additional Documents

2015 Financial Audit

2015 Financial Audit

2017 Financial Audit

2017 Financial Audit

Air Filters

Air filters information about ordering the proper sizes for the units installed by the builder.

Board of Directors Meeting 2018 April 6th

April 6th 2018 Meeting Minutes & Agenda

Board of Directors Meeting 2018 June

June 2018 Meeting Minutes & Agenda

Catalina Collection Floorplans

The Catalina collection contains 3 story units. There are 2 models within the Catalina collection: Carmel and Monterey.

Complaint Tenant Eviction

Complaint that needs to be filed for a Tenant Eviction

Connecting Cable

Information from Comcast about our Group Rate; connection and contact information.

Insuring the Condominium

General information about insuring a condominium in Florida.

Mailbox Map - Pool

Map to the mailboxes near the pool.

Sierra Collection Floorplans

The Sierra collection contains 2 story units. There are 6 models within the Sierra collection: Marin, Millbrae, Balboa, Napa, Claremont, and Sonoma.

Three-Day Demand Notice

Demand Notice required by Palm Beach county before eviction.

2016 Financial Audit

2016 Financial Audit

2018 Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting Notices & Agenda

Architectural Modification

Form to use before drilling into any CitySide walls or property.

Board of Directors Meeting 2018 February

February 2018 Meeting Minutes & Agenda

Brentwood Collection Floorplans

The Brentwood collection is a 1 and 2 story unit. There are 4 models within the Brentwood collection: Santa Barbara, Almeda, Coronado, Fontana. These models are arranged in 4 or 3 unit clusters.

Cityside Rules

Community Rules and Guidlines. This is a comprehensive list of all the policies passed by the Association.

Condo Documents

This is a complete list of all our condo documents, along with the plans. Please note they are not certified.

Double Button Garage Opener

Garage Door opener that has two buttons.

Mailbox Map - North

Map to the mailboxes near Congress.

Mailbox Map - South

Map to the mailboxes near Executive.

Single Button Garage Opener

Garage Door opener that are single button.

Voting Certificate

Please fill this form out to vote in absentee, or to allow an individual to vote for multiple owners. Please note this is not necessary if the owners are married.